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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  January 23, 2010 6:15pm-6:30pm EST

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our hearts are saddened by the loss of so many lives in haiti. listen, overñi 200,000 people he lost their lives in haiti, they estimate from that earthquake. many were leftñi without food ad shelter. they are mourning for their lovwd ones, and we must reach out to them. it is reported that with all this loss and painñiñi, i am understand that planned parenthood has a drive toñr raie moneyçó for condoms and birth control for the people of haiti. for roy reason? ñi-- for what reason? we must stand up nowñrçó againsl the evil that has come to this mue people who are perpetuating this
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evil and defeat them at the polls. çówe must defeat them at the polls. we must take november as our day and we mustçó rise of across america. we must tellçó america, we will not tolerate it anymore. we must feed them on our knees. -- we must defeat them on our knees. if god is for us, there is no abortionist in this place or in hell that can stand against us. all children, all babies, are worthy alike. god bless you, and god bless america. çó>> that is the way we were abe
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to put on these activities. we have a student contests program for essays and poland's for high school and junior high students. -- essays andñrñi poems. we want to announce the winners of six of the categories. i am going to ask our students to come forward. ñifirst will be our high school essay winner.
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>> i am from newardk, delaware. >> and our high school point winner. ñr>> i am from cincinnati, ohio. >> and our high school poster winter. >> i am from baltimore, maryland. >> and our junior high poem winner. >> i am fromñi white plains, new york. >> and our junior high poster winner. >> i am from owens bill, ky.
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>> we are very proud of our students and the work to do the judging and logging these in. the interest we have from the students are very encouraging and difficult to judge, because of the enormous work they have done. we are coming down to the end of the program. we thank everyone who is here
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today. look at the sunshine now. we thank all of you for coming from all of the long distances and other many -- under many difficulties. i want you to know that while we are closing this march for life, there will be another march for life next year. let us try to make it one where we are very thankful for the work we have done of stopping the activities of roe vs. wade. to close our program, we are pleased to have with us the most reverent john michael d'arcy of south bend, indiana, retired.
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>> as we say this final prayer, let us about our heads. we think of a young woman going over the mountains from nazareth because she was told by an angel that a cousin, though older, and beyond childbearing age apparently, was in her sixth month. so mary went to be with her cousin, and with a baby. we ask for the same spirit of mary. she went with singing and reflecting on god's mercy. my soul magnifies the lord and my spirit rejoices. holley is his name. -- holy is his name.
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mary prayed for us that we may remain strong. pray that we all come to reverence the great gift of life through which we participate in the divine. god alone gives life. god alone takes away. god did not make debt. the evil one, the devil, has made death. help us, as mary did, the mother of your son, help us to stand up for life, to cherries the young child in the womb, to care for it and preserve it and strengthen it. we keep in mind the words of the great warrior of life, pope john paul ii, who after leaving the church to respect and opposed --
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uphold the death penalty, said, if we stand for the life of the criminal, then it is unworthy of the human person to kill him if we can protect humanity with bloodless means. how much more the life of the innocent, who has done no harm, who cannot even cry out, and the poignant cry of a baby, let us think of that baby. let us pray for life and work always for life. my dear young people, god has brought you here. make this a life long crusade. heavenly father, bless all here. give us the wisdom and courage we need to stand always for your beautiful gift of human life. we ask all this through christ our lord.
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let us say a hail mary for life. hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee. blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus. holy mary, mother of god, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. amen. you bring great courage to us all. now let us march for life. >> thank you, dear bishop. a couple of announcements. kimberly and john beret are looking for their child, cynthia. she is up at the tent over here to the left.
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if there are any lost people, check with the marshals and check at the assistance van. take your time, it did not push or show. we have plenty of time. make sure you -- make sure if you come against in the folks from the other side, pray for them. make sure you pick up your trash, and thank you for marching for life. god bless america. ♪
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♪ god bless america, land that i love t her ♪ through the night with a light from above ♪ from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam ♪ god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home
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ñi♪ god bless america plan that i love stand beside her, and guide to herbher through the night with a light from above ♪ from the mountains, to the prairies to the oceans, white with foam ♪ god bless america ñi my home, sweet home
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♪ñi from the mountains, to the prairies ♪ to the oceans, white with foam ♪ñiçó god bless americañi ♪my home, sweet home ♪ñr god bless america ♪ god bless america ♪ but bless america
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♪ my home,ñi sweet home >> scott bowman is with us directing from behind. god bless you all. thank you for being here. remember our friends over here, the knights of columbus, with the marshals who are taking collections. this stuff costs money to get done every year. the folks with the green hats and the white jackets


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